6 Ways to Boost Your Sales Online and Skyrocket Your Website’s Revenue

6 Ways to Boost Your Sales Online and Skyrocket Your Website’s Revenue

by Aug 2, 2018Local Business Optimization, Search Engine Marketing

Sales and the related revenues are the lifeblood of any business. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to boost sales online.

In our fast-paced business world, we all want a website that generates instant results. However, it’s not as simple as it sounds.

As Beverly Sills once said, “There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.”

Likewise in business, to double your website sales, you have to roll your sleeves and be prepared to take action. There are no accidental results; it’s your consistent efforts that drive results.

In this post, we’ll explain the 6 golden tips on how to increase online sales that every marketer should know.

1. Create and Target Detailed Buyer Personas

Knowing your customers is one of the key fundamental principles that govern the success of any business. And what a better way to know your customers more than by creating buyer personas?

Buyer Personas can give you insights into your customer’s behavior, buying patterns, interests and more. This information is paramount as it can help you to tailor your products to meet their needs.

The more people feel that an offer is right for them, the more likely they are to try it out. Optimizing your website for buyer personas gives you the opportunity to address the users directly.

2. Optimize Your Website’s Design

First impressions are lasting impressions.

Your website’s design is the first impression visitors get when they access your site. It should be compelling enough to prompt visitors to explore your products or take action.

And it’s not just about the looks; your site’s design should be fast, responsive, and user-friendly for it to boost website sales. It should also be consistent with your logo and branding.

A recent ComScore report says that mobile devices now account for 60% of all internet traffic. It’s safe to say that if your website is not mobile-friendly, you’re losing more than half of your website traffic.

Also, opt for a faster website.

It’s estimated that a one-second delay in a website’s load time can lead to a 7% loss in conversions. It’s clear that in today’s “everything on demand” climate, people don’t have the patience to wait for slow websites to load.

By simply making your online sales website faster, you can boost sales dramatically.

3. Build Trust and Online Credibility

A positive reputation can increase your credibility online which is good for your business.

A negative reputation, on the other hand, can taint your brand’s image and cause current and potential customers to distance themselves from your company.

Even if your online reputation is not that great, there are steps you can take to build trust and online credibility. One of them is to have a section for customer testimonials on your website.

Legions of satisfied customers can be more influential than even your best-written sales copy. So make sure to include honest and thought-provoking testimonials from satisfied customers who say who you are and why they prefer your products or services.

You can have the testimonials appear on your landing pages, product pages, pricing page, or even on your home page.

Also, including trust signals on your site can help to build your online credibility. If your business has any professional accreditations, make sure to place these trust signals where visitors to your site can see them.

4. Offer Fewer Choices

You probably have heard the adage, “the more the options you give to people, the harder it is to choose anything.”

The same applies to your online business. Visitors and customers alike find it easier to choose nothing when there are too many offerings on your website.

Economists contend that if you can have everything in 57 varieties, making decisions become hard work.

So what should you do to boost your website sales?

If you have a ton of products on sale, offer fewer choices on your website. You can structure your website and product pages in a way that offers only a few choices to your customers.

Doing so also enables you to put more emphasis on the products with the highest conversion potential. You also get enough space to highlight all the specs that matter most to users as well as clearly explain your value proposition.

5. Remove Distractions

Too many bells and whistles on your site can be a source of distractions.

You want people to focus on a single action on your website and not be distracted from it. Clear your site off irrelevant visual inputs and processes that may stand in their way of making a conversion decision.

Too much extraneous information on your landing pages can also be a hindrance. Consider refining your content to include only the relevant information.

Other things to consider removing include irrelevant images, big headers, and sidebars. You might also want to consider shrinking the menu if it doesn’t provide a seamless experience for users.

Minimizing distractions can go along way towards increasing conversion rates since it will allow customers and visitors to access your offerings in fewer clicks.

6. Provide as Many Payment Options as Possible

By providing multiple payment options, you’ll attract all sorts of buyers and make it easier for clients to give you their money. It also makes you stand out from the competition.

For example, a prospect may want to purchase a product from your site, but they only use PayPal for online payments. If you don’t accept PayPal payments, you’ll no doubt lose that client no matter how good or unique your products are.

Sure, it can be tough to optimize your website to include all the payment options, but doing so can dramatically increase your conversion rates.

Final Thoughts on How to Boost Sales Online

If you’ve been pondering over how to boost sales online, the above ideas should help you create a result-driven sales strategy.

Don’t forget to engage your prospects on social media.

Though often neglected, social media is one of the best methods you can use to increase brand awareness, customer satisfaction, and boost sales.

If you want to boost your website sales through natural search and strategic advertising, get in touch with us today. With our experience and knowledge in this industry, we can help you to implement a marketing strategy that drives results.