8 Simple Yet Incredibly Effective Local SEO Tips You Can’t Ignore

8 Simple Yet Incredibly Effective Local SEO Tips Small Businesses Can’t Ignore

by Aug 2, 2018Local Business Optimization, Search Engine Optimization

Having an online presence today is vital for any business. But, only having a website won’t cut it. You should use your website as a tool to maximize your success.

The best way to do this is by harnessing the power of SEO. You might think this only applies to big players. But, recent changes in search engines are giving local businesses a better chance.

That’s where local SEO optimization comes in. Not sure how you can do it? We’ll tell you 8 effective local SEO tips to improve your local search engine ranking.

Read on to take your business website to the next level in no time!


Local SEO Tips: What You Should Do to Improve Your Local Traffic

Local SEO is when you optimize your website for local reach.

You should care about these strategies because they can bring those local customers you’ve been looking for. Optimizing your website will take time and patience. Yet, the rewards will be worth your time and hard work.

Here are 8 local search optimization tips to take your business website to the next level:


1. Create, Claim and Update Your Business Listings

To improve your local SEO, you have to focus on your current online presence. What comes up when you search your business? Did you create your Google My Business listing?

If not, that’s the first this you should do. Make sure all the information on your listing is accurate. One of the best things about Google My Business is that it gives you options to engage with your current and possible customers.

You could answer customer questions and even set up an appointment scheduling option. You shouldn’t only focus on this listing. It’s important to check other local directories.

Search for your listings, claim and update them. If you find that your business is missing on a local directory, you should create your listing. When your business information matches across business listings, your local ranking will improve.


2. Engage with Your Customers on Your Local Listings

Creating and updating your business listings isn’t enough. Today, customers engage with businesses on multiple channels. That’s why it’s important you check on your listings all the time.

A customer may ask questions or send you a message asking for information. You should aim to reply to them in a professional manner as soon as you can. Businesses that engage online stay in the customer’s mind because it lets them know how much they matter to you.


3. Optimize Your Title Tags Using Local Keyword

Are you adding your local keyword to your title tags? This can help improve your local search engine rank. An example would be owning a Pest Control business in Chicago.

The website title could be Best Pest Control in Chicago. You should make sure you’re including your city in your website title. It can help your business appear when customers search for a service or product in your city.


4. Create Local Profiles on Review Sites

If your business doesn’t have local profiles on review sites, you should do it as soon as possible. You might think getting reviews is a bad thing. Yet, these reviews are a great way to get social proof that you run a quality business.

Customers trust social proof and word of mouth more than you think. You should be consistent replying to the reviews left by your customers. Engaging with your customers can help bring more business and improve your local SEO.


5. Feature Relevant and Great Local Content

Content is an integral puzzle piece to improve your local search engine ranking. Search engines use your content to rank your website. The highest quality most relevant content is the one that ranks better.

You must keep in mind that search engines use the customer’s search term as a reference. What will your customer search? Are they looking for a simple DIY guide for plumbing?

If you own a plumbing business, you may consider featuring a simple plumbing guide. This might help you show up when your local customer searches for a plumber.


6. Create and Use Social Media Accounts

Today, a social media account is a must in marketing. This might come as a surprise but, your social media accounts might help you rank better too. Remember that search engines crawl social media websites for results too.

So even if your website might not rank that high, your social media account may put you in that top spot. That’s why you should create and engage customers with your social media accounts.


7. Optimize Your Website for Mobile

Experts have found that people spend almost one-third of their waking hours on their phones. This means that there’s a high probability that your customer will see your website on their phone. Is your website optimized for mobile?

You should make sure your website works and looks great on a smartphone. Also, having your site optimized for mobile will help your local search engine ranking.


8. Partner with Other Local Businesses

Even if you’re just getting started, you should consider partnering with other local businesses. You could do this by joining their events. If you do this, they’ll mention your business in their content earning more links on the search engines.

In exchange, you could mention them in your content. Your business website might show up on their customer’s search. It’s a great way to earn easy search engine real estate improving your local presence.


Can Optimizing Your Local SEO Help Your Business?

Many small businesses underestimate the impact of their digital footprint. We can’t deny that today many of your customers will search for you on the web.

This means that if your website isn’t optimized for local SEO, your local customer won’t find you. Also, you have to consider who you’re going against. If your competitors are implementing the right local SEO strategies, you might be losing more customers than you think.

We’re confident that is you use our local SEO tips, your business will rank higher in no time. Now that you know all about how to improve your local SEO. Want to learn how website audits can help with your SEO?

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