What Are the Best Ad Targeting Strategies on Facebook?

What Are the Best Ad Targeting Strategies on Facebook?

by Apr 8, 2016Social Media

Facebook has about 2.5 million active advertisers. That’s a very small fraction of the 1.5 billion active users on the site. The sheer traffic is a major incentive to advertise on the world’s most popular social networking platform. The second reason to advertise is the level of targeting afforded to small businesses.

With a modest budget of less than $100, you have the opportunity to – say – target a demographic of single moms in the 25-40 age group, living in Burlington, Vermont that are into fitness and wellness. Besides the options to target your ads broadly based on demographics, behaviors and interests, you can also use a lookalike audience – similar to the people who visit your website or ‘like’ your FB page. There is potential for a relatively high return on a small investment. It’s not surprising why Facebook has attracted millions of small business advertisers.

The site also offers you multiple ad types, from which you can choose one or more that best suit your specific needs. For instance, there are boosted posts, promoted posts, multi-product ads, domain ads, video ads, event ads, app ads, offer ads, and page link ads. The ads are driven by well-defined objectives and come in effective formats, enabling you to maximize your reach and supporting your sales efforts.

Facebook advertising is part art, part science. A deep understanding of how it works and experience leveraging creative ad strategies can make your campaign a massive success. For instance, you can get really granular with layered targeting options, using geolocation and demographic data to reduce your audience to just a single person. A combination of different data can help you match compelling advertisements and offers to smaller groups of audiences.

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