Google Announces Changes in Mobile Search Ranking Signals, Starting May

Google Announces Changes in Mobile Search Ranking Signals, Starting May

by May 2, 2016Search Engine Optimization

Mobilegeddon may have passed, but Google continues to lay emphasis on mobile-friendliness, as its latest update reveals. If your site is not optimized for mobile devices yet, here’s why you want to.

What is in store in Google’s latest update?
Mobile-friendliness of sites has been a ranking factor in the Google search algorithm for a while now. In a move to make it easier for users to find relevant content that is also mobile-friendly on their mobile devices, Google recently announced that it will be making some tweaks in its mobile search algorithm. The search engine giant says that mobile-friendliness of a site will be given even more importance while filtering search results starting May.

With mobile-friendliness of a site just becoming a stronger ranking factor, how does this affect the existing sites? If your website already meets the mobile-friendly benchmark set by Google, then you do not have a lot to worry about. The update will not make any changes to how your site is ranked by Google. However, if you site is not mobile-friendly, then the latest update could affect your site traffic.

Will mobile-friendliness override search query as ranking factor?
A nagging doubt that many users have is if mobile-friendliness will outdo search semantics while showing search results. Google says that’s not the case. While the focus of the new update is encouraging more sites to adapt a mobile-friendly design so users can easily access them on the mobile devices, search query intent still remains one of the main ranking factors. In fact, websites that are yet to adapt a mobile-friendly design but have relevant high-quality content will continue to rank well, even after the new update.