Google Announces Major Changes to AdWords

Google Announces Major Changes to AdWords

by Aug 20, 2016Search Engine Marketing

With more people accessing the internet from their mobile devices, Google seems to have realized the fact that search engine results are displayed to mobile device users in a different way, calling for a new way of advertising.

google adwords on mobileIf you have noticed, AdWords are no longer displayed on the right side of the screen. This previously worked for desktop users, but not the users who accessed the site through mobile devices. In order to deliver a more uniform experience, ads will be displayed inline; or rather in the middle of page content. This suits a vertical format, which works for both desktop and mobile users.

Advertisers no longer need worry about creating responsive ads for the Google Display Network – Google will be able to do that for you now. All you need to supply Google with, is an image, an URL, a headline and a description.

adwords title changeInstead of a single 25-character headline, advertisers will be able to have two 30-character headlines. The maximum possible length of the description has also been increased to 80 characters. These changes are estimated to increase the click-through rate by as much as 25%. As of now, advertisers have to place a base bid for the desktop; and a multiple of that number for mobile devices. But if everyone is shifting to use of mobile devices for everything, the desktop bid becomes irrelevant and a waste of money. Google plans to separate desktop and mobile bidding for AdWords so as to give greater flexibility to advertisers.

Google Maps

Retailers now will be able to advertise an in-store promotion, while customers can also search their inventory. When it comes to paid advertising, The ‘Maps’ application is all set to become a part of the Search Network. If you search for, say ‘electronics store’, you might be provided with the location of Best Buy (this is just an example, whoever wins the bid for the AdWords gets their local location highlighted), and so clicking on it leads to in-store promotions and also allows you to search their inventory.