The 8 Best Benefits of Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing

There are almost 28 million small businesses throughout the U.S. So guess what? You’re fighting against a ton of competition. But don’t worry! There are things you can do to beat your competitors. This often happens through a killer marketing strategy. But if you’re a small business with a limited marketing team, this can be super hard to develop. That’s where an outside marketing team can be incredibly helpful. Here are the 8 best benefits you’ll experience from outsourcing marketing. Check them out below!

1. You Suddenly Have a Team of Experts

First of all, when you outsource your marketing, you’ll have access to a team of experts and professionals. These are people who have been around the block when it comes to marketing.

They’ve worked with all types of companies to help them achieve their marketing goals. And so this means that no matter the type of marketing help you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find it with an outside agency.

Where could you use help? In copywriting? Market research?

Perhaps you need help with your AdWords or Facebook ads. Or maybe you need some help with your web design.

When you work with an outside firm you get access to an array of skills and services you might not have in-house.

Also keep in mind that in today’s broad world of marketing, it’s not possible to hire one person that possesses all of these skills. And remember that the jack of all trades is a master of none of them, so it’s better to work with an outside agency to get all the help you need.

2. Outside Perspective

Another huge benefit of outsourcing your marketing is that you’ll receive an outside perspective on your company. Often, we see our businesses with blinders on and don’t see the full picture.

An agency can come in and notice gaps in your processes. They can also do market research to see what’s happening with your competition and then help you develop strategies to outperform them.

3. No Training New Staff

Whenever you hire a new team member, it’s crucial to train them. They need to learn the ins and outs of your products and services.

You also want them to understand the strategy behind your marketing and help them get acclimated in their new role. You’ll also spend time training them on software, programs, and helping them develop specific marketing skills.

And don’t forget about all the time it will take to create these training programs and materials beforehand.

However, when you work with an agency, you don’t have to do any of this. These people already know what they’re doing and don’t need to be caught up to speed on your company’s HR processes or know about other internal affairs.

4. Access the Latest Marketing Technology

Every year, digital marketing continues to evolve and grow. And with that growth, hundreds of new platforms and softwares are released.

For example, from 2016 to 2017, the marketing automation category of the marketing technology landscape grew by 36%.

Is your team taking advantage of all of the latest marketing technology opportunities out there? Chances are, if you have a small team, you’re not.

An outside agency, however, is working with all types of clients in various industries. They’re familiar with the latest and greatest tools that will take your marketing efforts to the next level.

5. Continuous Optimization: Another Perk of Outsourcing Marketing

Have you ever released a marketing campaign, started running a new ad, or published a new blog post only to forget to check the results?

When you have a small marketing team, this tends to happen way too often. You have so much on your plate that often you’re just running from project to project without taking time to analyze the results of your efforts.

When you work with an outside agency, this doesn’t happen. First of all, they will be 100% dedicated to specific projects and will constantly be looking for ways to improve and optimize them.

Second, they want to continue working with you and they know that if they don’t perform to your standards, you’ll cancel the contract. So they have a lot of motivation to produce the best results possible.

And this means that you’ll get great results every single time.

6. Focus on Your Core

When you have someone taking care of some or all of your marketing efforts, you can focus on the core of your business. In other words, you can focus on driving sales, developing new products, or providing the best customer service.

This is especially true if your team isn’t experienced in marketing. Give these responsibilities to an agency so that you can focus on your strengths.

7. Save on Costs

Hiring a new employee costs much more than just their salary. You need to spend time recruiting, interviewing, and training them. You’ll also have to pay taxes as well as part of their healthcare premiums if they’re full time.

Don’t forget about their office furniture and equipment as well, including a computer and perhaps a cell phone.

When you work with an agency, these are all things you don’t have to worry about, which will save you the headache as well as money!

8. Stay Up to Date

Last but not least, a marketing agency will bring knowledge about the latest trends in the industry. Different social media platforms rise in popularity, new ad platforms are created, and people access the internet in different ways.

An agency will know the best ways to reach your target market. They’ll be up to date on what’s going on in the marketing world, which in turn means they’ll help you reach your customers in a more efficient way.

What’s Next?

Now that you’ve read all about outsourcing marketing, it’s time to make a decision for your business. This will help you know if you’re ready to find an agency to work with.

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