Schema Markup for Local Business Optimization

Schema Markup for Local Business Optimization

by May 24, 2016Local Business Optimization

Schema markups are a necessary part of SEO strategy. Your site may have a lot of content on different subjects. Search engines must understand what your business does, so they can index your data optimally. That is where schema markup comes in.

What is Schema Markup?

schema-rich-snippetsSchema markups are structured data markups that help search engines figure out what your business does, so it is easier to connect you with potential customers. The schema markup for your site can be added to the existing HTML micro data. It is similar to other tags that are used in your site pages, which explain how the data is to be displayed. The only difference is that schema markup tells search engines what the data on your site means. This is significant because otherwise, the search engine may not know what to make of the data on your site.

How important is Schema Markup?

advanced-schema-markup-better-seoSurveys show that websites using Schema markup fare better than sites without it. In fact, websites can expect their search engine page rankings to go up by at least four positions by using schema markup. What is interesting however is that Schema Markup is highly underrated and under-used.

Most businesses use vague schema markups such as ‘localbusiness’ for their site; this does not do much to your site traffic, as it does not offer search engines any insight on what your business does. The problem is, only a meager 0.3 percent of websites online focus on Schema markup as a part of their SEO strategy. If your business is looking to gain an edge in SERP, Schema markup could be a good place to start.

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