SEO or PPC: Which Online Marketing Strategy Should Your Business Focus On

SEO or PPC: Which Online Marketing Strategy Should Your Business Focus On

by Jun 1, 2016Search Engine Marketing

SEO and PPC campaigns have the same motive- to take websites to the top of search engine results pages (SERP). If you are unsure about which one of these marketing strategies to pick for your business, read on.


An SEO strategy can bring you greater results in the long run. It requires consistent effort, to appreciate results. Seeing how often Google introduces changes in its algorithm, you will have to always be on top of the latest SEO practices, or you may lose your rank to some other site. Of course, this is predominantly why most business outsource their SEO tasks to a professional. The good news is that SEO yields greater ROI. If you have the time to test out different keyword and SEO strategies, and monitor your website traffic, and fine-tune your practices (or let an SEO expert do the same), then an SEO strategy is for you.

A PPC campaign can show instant results. With PPC campaigns your ad has greater odds of achieving visibility if you make a competitive bid. The problem with a PPC campaign is that you pay for every click that you ad gets, even if it does not convert to leads. If you do not have the time to work on a dedicated SEO strategy, then a PPC campaign can offer an instant-fix for your site’s low inbound traffic. However, it is not an effective long-term marketing strategy.

Which one should you choose?

The answer to the question whether you should use an SEO or PPC campaign to drive your site traffic depends on whether you are willing to spend time or money on your online marketing efforts.

You want to evaluate the competition in your industry, to see which one is a better pick for your business. If you do not have a lot of competitors curating quality content on their site, then it will be easier for you to rank high in search engines. Similarly, if your competitors bid for a low amount in the PPC campaigns, then it should be easy for you to garner a good spot in the search engine results by quoting a fairly low cost-per-click.

What’s important is to measure the ROI that you get with either of these campaigns to determine which one is a better fit for you. Ideally, it’s not picking between SEO and PPC campaigns but a mix of the two that reveals good results. Let our experts help decide what is right for you by scheduling a free consultation. 802-253-4942