Website Audits: Spring Cleaning for your SEO

Website Audits: Spring Cleaning for your SEO

by May 2, 2016SEO Website Audits

The weather is warming up, the snow has melted, and the flowers are blooming again. It’s officially spring, which of course means spring cleaning season is in full swing! If you’re not seeing the organic website traffic that you hoped for when you launched your latest marketing campaign, it might be a good idea to consider an audit to find missed opportunities to boost your visitor count.

What is a website audit and why do I need it?
Simply put: A website audit is a thorough and expert review of your business site. It’s one of the most efficient ways to discover which elements are working to help you grow your business, and which aren’t.

For local business, it’s crucial to maintain a certain standard when it comes to online presence. If potential customers aren’t able to access valuable information that tells them more about why they should choose you, it’s very likely they’ll move on to the competition — and you’ll miss the sale.

What are the most common types of website audits?

Site health audits: Just like you get regular checkups with your doctor, your website needs health assessments as well. These types of audits check for common issues that when combined, make a large impact on how your customers see you online.

Conversion audits: This will help reveal any obstacles that prevent customers from “closing the deal”, like broken links or content that isn’t informative enough for them to want to give you their business.

Security audits: Does your website have weak spots that could be entry points for data hackers or cybercriminals? A security audit will flag these vulnerabilities so you know how to protect your customers’ information.

What happens after an audit?

Once all of your website challenges are identified, you’ll work closely with an SEO expert to make improvements. With goals in mind, together you’ll come up with a strategic plan to apply these fixes and ultimately rank higher, stay more visible, and grow your business. Ready to get started? Use our website audit tool to find out where your website could use some thorough freshening-up this spring. A few easy fixes can make a world of difference when it comes to your business website!