What Are Website Audits and What Can They Do For You?

What Are Website Audits and What Can They Do For You?

by Apr 8, 2016Website Audits

Website audits are becoming more and more necessary for businesses as Google’s SEO standards change and penalties get higher and higher for link spam and high advertisement ratios. A website audit can help you avoid a surprising and unwanted email from Google explaining why traffic to your site has gone down the drain.

A website audit is simply a check-up on your website to make sure that is functioning well and is meeting SEO requirements. Here are some of the types of audits that can be run on your website:

  • Site Health Audits: Assess the general health of the website and looks into issues such as traffic downturn or positioning problems.
  • Security Audits: Scan the website for security vulnerabilities.
  • Comprehensive Site Audits: Analyze your website along with competitor’s sites to show areas of strength and weakness in comparison.
  • Conversion Optimization Audits: Analyze onsite or technical conversion issues.

Many other audit types exist, and many of them can be combined into one audit. Sometimes several audits are necessary to find specific issues with the website.

The site health audit is usually the first audit run on a website because it provides a general health assessment of the site. Site health audits generally analyze the following areas:

  • Internal and External Links
  • Technical Health (server metrics, site speed, etc.)
  • Onsite Health (content and design quality, etc.)
  • Social Media Health
  • Citations and other check-ups

A website audit can help you make sure that you are getting the best possible performance from your website. Try out our complimentary website audit tool or contact us for an in-depth, comprehensive website audit.